The Scar Runs Deep single cover.jpg

The Scar Runs Deep

by TheMightySmall

Hello dear friends it's TheMightySmall AKA Paolo Morena here, returning with a new studio album and this is the first single leading up to its release. Smooth, Anthemic, Blues Rock reminiscent of that early 70’s Humble Pie/Dire Straits sound. I loved producing this track, it reaches back years and has given me the opportunity to rip into guitar and enjoy a good riff. 
I wanted to beat something political with my verses so think of the lyric as a kind of looped rant about the erosion of our rights and the illusion of freedom.
I wanted this to be a thank you for all the continued support and especially as its been a while since my last album. So here it is, free for you to enjoy. Please share where you can and join me soon at one of my shows.
All the best TheMightySmall