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A blend of amazing riffs, melodic solos, massive orchestrations, and passionate soulful vocals ranging from rock to blues, The MightySmall is a new breed of classic, blues and electro rock. The music calls back to the tragic vulnerability of Buckley and exuberant optimism of Dylan, blended with the light and shade of Zeppelin, beginning with Acoustic guitar and ending with drums and heavy electric sounds. 

TheMightySmall's addictive melodies and impressive musicianship have captured the attention of music journalism such as Classic Rock, BBC Radio as well as tens of thousands of listeners worldwide on social media.

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If you love great songs, great melodies and catchy hooks then this album has all that in spades! The former lead singer of The Morenas, has produced a fabulous album that showcases his wonderful vocal skills, and demonstrates what a truly gifted writer he is. Songs such as EVERYTHING/ SATURDAY NIGHT/KATHERINE’S UNDONE/FEET DON’T TOUCH THE GROUND/A GUIDING LIGHT & ELECTRIC show that Paolo has that gift of being able to write very personal lyrics and make them universal in appeal. Already acclaimed for his astonishing Live Looping shows, this album will rightly establish Paolo Morena as one of the most exciting new Artists on the music scene today.
— Martin Jeffries
The Mighty Small has to be the album of the year for me! Paolo’s voice is rich with emotion and passion when he sings. He’s not just performing a song, he is telling a story. There is not one “duff” track on this album which is fantastic for a debut album. I have too many favourites to pick out one in particular so here are a few of my highlights....
”Everything” is a beautiful album opener. Again, Paolo’s brilliant songwriting tells a story of bittersweet nostalgia, sung with a tinge of melancholy. The Pink Floyd influenced “Katherine’s Undone,” is hauntingly powerful and you can hear the raw emotion in Paolo’s Voice. “Saturday Night” is a joyful romp of a song and I defy anyone listening to it to not tap their feet! This song is awesome live and I thoroughly recommend you all to go and see him performing it. “Where Do You Go When You Don’t Fit In” reminds me of early U2 (back when they were good!) I love the way they layers of the song build and before you know it you are in the middle of swirling guitars and impassioned harmonies!
— John Pearson
This albums grabs you from the very first breathe and takes you on a journey of soul full melodies and up tempo folk/rock. Hailing the distance tones of Van Morrison,Jeff Buckley and a slight hint of Dylan. On first listen it leaves you exhausted with mixed emotions and it (for me) would settle well in the Classic album section in any decent record store. A late night classic album to wind the day down with, or a great early morning classic to set you up nicely for the day. There are so many great tracks on this album, too many to mention. For me the sexy sassy-ness of “Oh yeah” right through to the home town electro/folk/rock finale track “Electric”, all take you by the hand and lead you onto pressing the rewind button again and again. The Van Morrison influenced “Saturday night” is a sure hit. I have had the pleasure of seeing Paolo live and he does not disappoint.
I doubt it won’t be long before we will see Paolo on Joolz Holland and he will become a overnight sensation. X factor, Britain’s got talent- forget it. This is pure home grown talent, who plays every instrument, guitar, bass, drums and looping samples. If you buy one album this year, put this in the basket, you will not be disappointed.
— Simon Mortimer
Having had the pleasure of seeing Paolo Morena live, witnessing the creation of full sounding gorgeous tracks through his skilful live looping of a number of musical instruments, I was keen to hear what could be done given time and a studio. The result is astonishing. The Mighty Small is an accomplished and perfectly produced album containing compelling songs that take you through a journey you will want to revisit again and again. Paolo’s fantastic and instantly recognisable voice powers his soulful lyrics over incredibly well written music. The kind of music that gives you goosebumps. This is an album you will want to show off to people. Highly recommended!
— Nick Moore
A wonderful collection of songs from one of the finest singer / songwriters around at the moment. His live looping one man show is something to catch next time he’s in your area. This studio selection showcases his talents to the full without a second of filler. The infectious Saturday Night will have you tapping your feet with joy and the haunting Katherine’s Undone is a masterclass in cool songwriting. A must for all music collections :)”
— Colin Wade